Subtitle synchronization Simple subtitle synchronization with video preview.
Overlapping subtitle detection Highlights overlapping subtitles in order make it easier to detect and correct them.
Supported video extensions SubsDoctor supports video files with avi, mov, mp4 and mkv extensions.
Some videos files may require codecs that are not installed by default on your Mac OS X.
Supported subtitle formats
  • SubRip (.srt)
  • MicroDVD (.sub)
  • SubViewer (.sub)
Supported text encodings
  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16
  • UTF-32
  • Windows CP1250 (Central / Eastern European)
  • Windows CP1251 (Cyrillic)
  • Windows CP1252 (Latin)
  • Windows CP1253 (Greek)
  • Windows CP1254 (Turkish)
  • ISO Latin 1
  • ISO Latin 2
Other features
  • Audio track selection
  • Video track selection
  • Text search
  • Subtitle preview customization